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Adam D'Sylva

Food is life! Everyone comes together for food and it should always be treated as a celebration to eat, to nourish yourself, to share with family and friends. Adam D'Sylva


Celebrity Chef Adam D'Sylva of Coda and Tonka Restaurants is celebrating the food, community and culture that unites us all by joining in the fun that is Feast for Freedom 2020.

Adam is lending his profile and a special family recipe to this year's "Feast", a food focused fundraising event in aid of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Adam on working with the ASRC.
"I always want to lend a hand to support people through food - that's a powerful thing for me. I want to try and help people's lives and make a small impact through the power of food and celebrate life through food."

Adam has gifted his family' favourite Duck Bolognese with Gnocchetti Sardi recipe "My kids eat this meal 3 times a week, it' their favourite pasta sauce of Dad's! I try and spoil my loved ones by making it that little bit more luxurious by using duck and cheese and better than your average Bolognese", says D'Sylva.