Aheda and her Palestinian Recipes

Meet Aheda and recreate her delicious family recipes from her homeland of Palestine.


Meet Aheda

Aheda is a Chef, Palestininan cuisine traditionalist and a refugee. Aheda has been seeking asylum in Australia since 2018 and has dreams of one day opening a food truck to share her love of traditional Palestenian food and culture. You can currently find Aheda delivering immersive cooking experiences and sharing her cultural traditions through Melbourne-based social enterprise Free to Feed.

“I love sharing my food. When you make it and try my recipe, I think you’ll enjoy and be happy”

When she's not cooking up a storm in the kitchen you can find Aheda toiling away in her veggie garden and generously volunteering with the ASRC’s Foodbank - helping the team to pack and provide essential grocery items for hundreds of people seeking asylum each week.

“I have two secrets for cooking. The first, is not my secret but my country’s: cook with your hands. The second secret is love. Put some love in your cooking.”

Aheda’s Recipes

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Aheda’s Green Falafel
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Sayadieh Samak
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Aheda’s Simple Garden Salad
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About Aheda’s Recipes

Aheda's menu is inspired by her time working as a Chef in Palestine and as a stickler for tradition, you can expect the very best of Aheda’s family favourites cooked exactly like her mother and her grandmother. Aheda’s food uses simple and fresh seasonal ingredients, prepared in time-honoured ways. “These recipes come from my grandmother and my mother. I need to hold onto them because this is my culture.” Her deliciously smoky baba ganoush and moreish baklava are made just like her grandmother used to.