Lending a Hand in the Kitchen


Check out the famous faces lending their support and their own favourite recipes to Feast for Freedom.


Darren Purchese
(Burch & Purchese)

This year Darren Purchese will team up with Feast cook Aheda to create an online dessert cooking class together. Check back soon to make a donation and access this video and recreate Darren's exclusive baklava inspired dessert recipe.

Meanwhile check out Darren's crumble recipe from last year's Feast for Freedom.

Want to join Darren and Feast for Freedom cook Aheda on a dessert cooking class adventure, click here to register your interest.


Famous faces who have supported previous Feast for Freedoms

Adam D'Sylva

Last year, celebrity chef Adam D'Sylva of Coda and Tonka Restaurants celebrated with us the fun that is Feast for Freedom.

Adam has gifted his family?favourite Duck Bolognese with Gnocchetti Sardi recipe for you to cook at home.