Online Fundraising

Lending a hand in the kitchen


This year Feast for Freedom has some famous faces lending a hand in the kitchen to raise funds that support and empower people seeking asylum. Celebrity chefs Darren Purchese (Burch & Purchese) and Adam D’Sylva (Tonka & Coda) have joined the fun, food adventure that is Feast for Freedom - and they want you to join in too!

Darren Purchese
(Burch & Purchese)

Food is everything! Food brings all cultures together, it can unite strangers and friends. I could talk food with anyone from anywhere, it is the great bridge to friendship, love and compassion.? Darren

Adam D'Sylva

Food is life! Everyone comes together for food and it should always be treated as a celebration to eat, to nourish yourself, to share with family and friends.? Adam D’Sylva