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Genet’s Ethiopian Family Recipes

Meet Genet and recreate her delicious family recipes from her homeland of Ethiopia.

Meet Genet

Genet came to Melbourne as a refugee from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Ethiopian culture of sharing and community is extremely important to Genet and something that she loves to share with others. Genet hosts Ethiopian coffee ceremonies, educating people on the beauty of Ethiopian tradition and also volunteers her time at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre each week.

Since arriving here, she has been dreaming of sharing the coffee culture of Ethiopia with Melbournians and one day hopes to open up her own coffee shop and share her culture.

Genet says: ‘The coffee ceremony in my country is all about sharing and discussing topics in a safe space creating community’.

About Genet’s recipes

Genet’s Ethiopian Feast is a vegan’s delight! Spice and flavour are at the forefront of Genet’s dishes, this earthy vegan menu certainly packs a punch. Genet takes seemingly simple ingredients and turns them into culinary wonders. She has also shared with you an Ethiopian coffee preparation, but you may choose to serve your own style coffee - or a cool refreshing drink - on the side.

Ethiopian cuisine takes the most abundantly available ingredients in Ethiopia such as red lentils, cabbage, potato, carrots, capsicum, chard and combines them with piles of fresh herbs, garlic, onion, ginger, spices and the classic Ethiopian red chilli paste to transform the humblets of ingredients into a tantalising feast. Curries and side dishes are served with the essential Injera bread, a type of flatbread made from teff and used as an edible utensil. An Ethiopian feast or celebration would not be complete without a traditional coffee ceremony to round out the festivities.

Tedeseti! (Enjoy!)