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Hamed’s Persian Feast

Meet Hamed and enjoy the fresh and exotic flavours of his Persian feast.


Meet Hamed

Hamed is a chef, restaurateur and Iranian refugee. He credits his parents for teaching him how to cook from a young age. One particular dish close to his heart is Dadami Dip, following a recipe of his father’s which he has offered for you to cook at your own Feast for Freedom.

Arriving in Australia in 2012 from Tehran, Hamed found it difficult to find work, so he started volunteering at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), cooking hot meals for 200 people a day through the ASRC’s Community Meals Program. Before long, as news of his cooking skills spread, he opened his own restaurant social enterprise in Melbourne's west, offering diners an array of Persian dishes to savour as well as employing people seeking asylum and refugees.

About Hamed’s recipes

The talent for cooking runs deep with Hamed’s family. With his brothers, mother and father all happy to experiment in the kitchen. “It was my mum who first taught me how to cook. I asked her to show me and then I practiced.”

The recipes that Hamed has shared are a mixture of traditional Persian favourites and family recipes close to his heart.