Host at a Hospitality Venue


If you own or work at a hospitality venue, you can take part in Feast for Freedom. Whether you’re able to host a ticketed event, dedicate a portion of sales to donate or offer an exclusive item for the day - you can partake and know you’ve made a difference.

Four Easy Steps

1. Register to become a Host

Simply register your event here.

The Feast weekend is held from Friday 25 - Sunday 27 March, but you can host your Feast outside of these dates if that's more convenient for you. However, all Feasts should be hosted before Saturday 30 April.

2. Receive Your Host Kit, Start Fundraising, Meet our Cooks

It’s time to discover the delicious recipes from our Cooks that have been gifted to you. You can choose to add one (or more) of these recipes to your menu, but it?not essential. As a Feast Host, you will also be set up with your own fundraising page too to start fundraising.

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Our Cooks, who are all refugees in Australia, have hand-selected delicious dishes from their own cultural traditions for you to cook and share with your guests - alternatively, you can encourage colleagues to bring a dish from their own cultural heritage. You’ll receive their recipes (and more) in the Feast Recipe Booklet sent to you in your Host Kit, which includes things that will help you host your Feast. Find out more about the goodies included in your Host Kit.

3. Plan Your Feast

With your Feast menu or promotion sorted, you? need to share your event details with your community and continue fundraising using your fundraising page - share the link with your network so they can donate towards your fundraising goal. If you need help updating your fundraising webpage, see our User Guide

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Join our online Facebook Group! Here you’ll be able to ask questions about your Feast, share recipes and be part of our ever-growing Feast community.

4. Host Your Feast for Freedom

It’s time to Feast together for freedom and celebrate what unites us! Now is where the real fun happens as you show your solidarity with people seeking asylum and raise funds for the ASRC with your friends, family and customers. This is a time to enjoy great food and company, whilst having thought-provoking conversations relating to the refugee issue.

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Don’t forget to keep your Feast COVIDSafe, adhering to your local authority’s social gathering limits. For more tips on hosting a COVIDSafe Feast, click here.

If you have any other questions about Hosting or Feasting, check out our FAQ page for more information.

Hosting Ideas

Your Feast can be what you want it to be, go large or go small. Engage your colleagues and your regulars and see what is achievable for you. Here is some inspiration:

  • Host a ticketed event at your venue where the guests pay a set price which covers both your costs and a donation to Feast for Freedom. If required, you can manage this through a ticketing website like Eventbrite, Humanitix or Try Booking and transfer the proceeds to your Feast fundraising page. On the day you can also have QR codes for your fundraising page on display so guests and their plus ones can see how your fundraising is tracking.
  • Offer an exclusive Feast for Freedom item for the day and donate the proceeds
  • Dedicating a portion of sales from one sitting, or one day