How it works


How it Works

This March, hosts across Australia will hold a Feast at home or in the workplace for their special guests. Register as a host today and help raise funds for people seeking asylum, it’s going to be delicious...! Join us!

Four Easy Steps

1. Choose your cuisine

Our Cooks, who are all refugees here in Australia, have hand-selected delicious, simple dishes from their own cultural traditions for you to cook for your friends and family in your home or workplace.

2. Register to host

Simply register as a host, choose the recipes you wish to cook (or create a menu using your own recipes) and begin to plan your celebration of the rich flavours that people seeking asylum bring to Australia.

You can host at a time that suits you, including outside the main Feast weekend in March.

3. Prepare your Feast

As you register, you will receive via post a kit with the recipes and other supporting elements so you can start planning your Feast.

We will also email you a personal fundraising webpage. Share this link with your guests so they can RSVP and donate toward your fundraising goal to support the work of the ASRC. If you need help updating your fundraising page download our User Guide.

4. Host the Feast

It’s time to celebrate what unites us!

The Host Feast Kit

Everyone that registers to host a Feast will receive a free Feast Kit to ensure their Feast is a success.

Inside the kit, you will find:

  • The Feast for Freedom 2021 recipe book with Aheda and Niro’s recipes (and more)
  • A handy Feast for Freedom magnetic shopping list to track your Feast purchases
  • A sturdy Feast for Freedom reusable shopping bag for your groceries
  • A Feast for Freedom branded bamboo spoon to cook and serve your dishes with
  • A table centrepiece with a special message for your guests about the impact of your support
  • Conversation starter cards to keep the dialogue flowing and reflect on the challenges of someone seeking asylum


Some of these special gifts also make great door prizes and raffle items to help you reach your fundraising goal.

COVIDSafe Planning

Unfortunately, we can't forget the COVID elephant in the room.

Please ensure you are hosting your Feast within your local authority's guidelines, adhering to the social gathering limits within your household, office or space where you plan to host your Feast.

Below are some tips to help ensure your event is COVIDSafe and help you navigate changing restrictions.

  • Just before your Feast is due to take place, check the current COVID restrictions that apply to your area.
  • Have hand sanitiser available and/or somewhere for your guests to regularly wash their hands.
  • Host an ‘iso‘ friendly Feast over Zoom and everyone can cook the recipes together online. You can even do this with interstate or international friends!
  • Alternatively you could deliver the dishes you've cooked to your guests as takeaway and then Feast together virtually on Zoom.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us on

Already Registered?

Update your fundraising page (download our guide for instructions) then share your page and ask friends and family to RSVP and Donate right there on your page.