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Spanakopita is a delicious snack at any time of the day and can be eaten warm or cold. This recipe is from Kon’s mum and reminds him of childhood and big family gatherings.

  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Serves: Plenty for sharing


Plenty for sharing
Fresh English Spinach, washed & roughly chopped (no roots)
1 bunch
Greek Feta
Leek, thinly sliced
Packet of thick filo pastry
Extra virgin olive oil
Butter for brushing filo pastry
Sesame seeds

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  1. Melt the butter in a pan or microwave & pour into a rectangular baking dish (to cover the base of the dish).

  2. Place one layer of filo pastry into the base of the prepared dish & baste the pastry with melted butter using a brush. Repeat this step 4 times until you have a base of 4 layers. Set aside.

  3. To make the spanakopita filling, crumble the feta into a large mixing bowl, add the eggs & a heart amount of cracked pepper & stir

  4. Wilt the English spinach in a pan with butter until it is soft. Cook the prepared leek (outer hard layers removed before slicing) in a pan with butter until soft. Add the cooked spinach & leek to the spanakopita filling.

  5. Using your hands, mix the spanakopita filling ingredients until they are fully combined into one delicious spinach, leek & feta mix.

  6. Now layer this mix evenly across the pre buttered 4 layer tray of pastry that you have ready & step 2 to create a top layer of filo pastry (made with 4 layers of pastry, each covered in melted butter).

  7. Cover the top layer of the pastry with a healthy sprinkle of sesame seeds to finish.

  8. Cook in oven until golden & browned but not burnt, between 45 minutes to1 hour (depending on your oven).

Cook’s Notes:
You should cut the pastry into the slices you want before baking as it is much harder to do this once the spanikopita is prepared. Use a sharp knife & cut right through to base of tray. Fresh ricotta can be used in place of 1kg Greek feta, but you will still need a little Greek feta in the mix (this is a budget saver!).

You can make this dish Vegan by just using nuttelex instead of butter & vegan Greek feta. Instead of eggs use egg replacement powder or non - dairy Greek yoghurt.

To test if the dish is baked & ready, put a knife through the centre of the spanakopita. The knife should come out without too much mix sticking to it, showing that it has cooked well inside.

Do not be afraid to allow the pastry to brown a little & have that well cooked look to it, you don’t want the pastry undercooked.