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Sweet Potato & Plantain Balls

Sweet & refreshing, dip these sweet little balls into the Creamy Coconut Tuna Soup for a tropical taste sensation.

  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Serves: 6-8 people
  • *Served with Creamy Coconut Tuna Soup (recipe provided)


Golden sweet potato
Ripe plantains
Desiccated shredded coconut

Download the recipe


  1. Cut the sweet potato into cubes & steam until soft.

  2. Add chopped plantains in with the steaming sweet potato & steam until soft.

  3. In a bowl mash the steamed sweet potato & plantain together until smooth in texture.

  4. Wash your h&s, keeping them damp & spoon 45g of mixture (approx 1 heaped teaspoon) & form into balls (approx 2—3cm width)

  5. Roll balls in the dessicated coconut & place on a serving plate.

  6. Set aside to serve with the tuna soup.

Cook’s Notes:
Plantains cannot be replaced by bananas. If you don’t have a steamer the sweet potato can be boiled however excess water should be removed before the potato is mashed & set aside to be served with the tuna soup.