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Veronica’s Papua New Guinean Favourites

Meet Veronica from Papua New Guinea and choose from a selection of tropical recipes to enjoy on a hot day.


Meet Veronica

Veronica came to Australia from Papua New Guinea (PNG) with her four children in 2012. She has a Masters in International Development and a background in community development and social work in PNG and Australia.

Veronica heads up the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’ Women’s Empowerment Program, while also running her own business.

About Veronica’s recipes

Veronica’s menu brings together a symphony of flavours for you to enjoy. It is rare to find recipes from Papua New Guinea where cooking is passed down from mothers to daughters through practise and memory. These dishes are sure to delight you and your Feast guests. Plantain, taro, cassava and coconut feature along with lemongrass and chilli, these recipes bring you the traditional flavours of the East Sepik Province in northern Papua New Guinea. Just sit back, relax, and imagine you are feasting under a coconut tree on the beach.