Where Your Funds Go


Feast for Freedom and the ASRC

Here in Australia, everyone deserves a seat at the table.

By raising funds with a Feast for Freedom, you can make an immediate impact in ensuring people seeking safey can rebuild their lives where it’s safe.

Your donations help the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) provide food, shelter and health services for over 7,000 people seeking asylum who need support settling into Australia every year.

“For all refugees, ASRC means hope.” – Esmat

The ASRC was founded on the simple principle that all people seeking asylum in Australia should have their human rights upheld and the opportunity to be a part of the cultural fabric of our community.

Every dollar raised ensures that the ASRC’s programs can continue to support and empower people seeking asylum in their journey to freedom.

Where Your Funds Go

Whether you become a host or you donate to a feast, these are some of the ways you could be supporting people seeking asylum and refugees:


can help provide a week of hot meals to 52 people seeking asylum and you’ll be a certified Kitchen-Whizz

RAISING $1,000

can help provide a year’s worth of vital medicine and medication

RAISING $1,500

can help feed a family for 6 months, ensuring they have a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables

When I came to Australia, I only knew a few words of English: yes, no, hello. I started English classes at the ASRC, and since then I have been volunteering for more than 7 years, first in the kitchen, then in the food bank. I know that this place is so helpful for refugees.

– Esmat