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About Feast for Freedom


A celebration of what unites us

We know that good food feeds the heart and soul and sharing a meal together has the power to unite people from diverse backgrounds as one family, one community and one people.

This is the power of Feast for Freedom.

Feast for Freedom is a celebration of the community coming together in unity to stand with refugees and people seeking asylum and raise vital funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. It is a true celebration of refugees and people seeking asylum - their food, their culture, their stories and their contribution to Australian cultural diversity.


The Feast campaign calls for people to gather in their homes or workplaces and host their own Feast for Freedom in support of people seeking asylum, cooking recipes that have been gifted by refugees. A Feast for Freedom event is a dinner party with a difference as guests are asked to chip in and make a donation to the ASRC for their meal.

Last year, 1,650 people around Australia took part in Feast for Freedom raising over $238,000 to support and empower people seeking asylum. This year the ASRC is inviting even more people to celebrate what unites us and host a Feast in their home, workplace, school or community group in support of people seeking asylum.

As a Feast for Freedom host you'll be inviting your guests to come on a culinary journey with you, discovering new foods, cultures and traditions and asking people to make a donation to the ASRC to help you reach your Feast fundraising goal. Donations can be made via your personalised fundraising page (which you will receive when you register) and guests can RSVP to your event here too.

A life-changing Feast

By raising funds through your Feast for Freedom event, you can make a difference to the lives of more than 6,500 people the ASRC support each year and help give people the opportunity to rebuild their lives where it is safe.

The ASRC was founded on the simple principle that all people seeking asylum should have their human rights upheld and be provided the opportunity to participate and contribute to our society.

We are so honoured to support and empower people in their long walk to freedom and as the largest independent human rights organisation for refugees in Australia; we offer programs that provide protection, material aid, empowerment and dignity.

To learn more about the ASRC and our important work click here.