Your Impact


Feast for Freedom and the ASRC

By raising funds during Feast For Freedom, you can make an immediate impact through the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) to ensure people seeking safety can rebuild their lives where it’s safe.

The ASRC was founded on the simple principle that all people seeking asylum in Australia should have their human rights upheld and the opportunity to be a part of the cultural fabric of our community.

We are so honoured to work with more than 7,000 people each year in their long walk to freedom and as the largest independent human rights organisation for refugees in Australia; we offer programs that provide protection, aid, empowerment and dignity.

Where Your Funds Go

Whether you become a host or you donate to a feast, these are some of the ways you could be supporting people seeking asylum and refugees


can help fund a week’s food, housing and healthcare needs of someone seeking asylum.


can help provide 6 months of primary care and prescriptions through our health clinic.

RAISING $1,000

can help provide a vulnerable family with their food and grocery needs for an entire year through our Foodbank.

RAISING $1,300

can help provide 3 months of emergency housing for someone in need.