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  • What is Feast for Freedom?
    • Feast for Freedom is a shared food experience in aid of people seeking asylum. Held throughout Australia, it is a four day celebration of the flavours and cultural diversity that people seeking asylum bring to Australia. You can register to host your own feast, following recipes gifted by Our Cooks - a wonderful group of people from diverse places who were granted asylum in Australia. They have hand-selected these recipes from their own personal cookbooks for you to prepare in your home or workplace for family and friends to raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Center in support of people seeking asylum.

  • When is Feast for Freedom?
    • Feasts will be held between Thursday 19th March and Sunday 22nd March 2020. Each host can choose the day and time they would like to hold their feast. If you are eager to host a feast but are not free that weekend, you can host your feast a bit before or after that weekend if that works best for you.

  • Where is Feast for Freedom held?
    • As a host, you have the freedom to choose where you would like to hold your feast. It could be in your home, your workplace, or even a park!

  • Why should I get involved?
    • Feast for Freedom gives you the opportunity to raise funds to support people seeking asylum in a fun, delicious and celebratory way with friends and family.

      Imagine sitting down to a tasty meal that has been made following recipes handed down generation after generation by a person who received asylum here in Australia... It’s going to be a delicious!

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