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The Event

  • What is Feast for Freedom?
    • Feast for Freedom is a shared food experience in aid of people seeking asylum. Held throughout Australia, it is a celebration of the flavours and cultural diversity that people seeking asylum bring to Australia.

      You can register to host your own Feast, following recipes gifted by Our Cooks - wonderful people from diverse places who were granted asylum in Australia. They have hand-selected these recipes from their own personal cookbooks for you to prepare in your home, workplace or hospitality venue for family and friends to raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Center in support of people seeking asylum.

  • When is Feast for Freedom?
    • Our Feast weekend will be held between Friday 25th March and Sunday 27th March 2022. Each host can choose the day and time they would like to hold their Feast. If you are eager to host a Feast but are not free that weekend, you can host your Feast a bit before or after that weekend if that works best for you.

      Please note that all Feasts and fundraising need to be completed by 31st May, after which the fundraising pages will be closed.

  • Where is Feast for Freedom held?
    • As a host, you have the freedom to choose where you would like to hold your Feast. It could be in your home, your workplace, or even a park!

  • Why should I get involved?
    • Feast for Freedom gives you the opportunity to raise funds to support people seeking asylum in a fun, delicious and celebratory way with friends and family.

      Imagine sitting down to a tasty meal that has been made following recipes handed down generation after generation by a person who received asylum here in Australia... It’s going to be a delicious!

Hosting a Feast

  • How do I become a host?
  • How can I make my Feast COVIDSafe?
    • Unfortunately, we can’t forget the COVID elephant in the room.

      Please ensure you are hosting your Feast within your local authority’s guidelines, adhering to the social gathering limits within your household, office or space where you plan to host your Feast.

      Below are some tips to help ensure your event is COVIDSafe and help you navigate changing restrictions.

      • - Just before your Feast is due to take place, check the current COVID restrictions that apply to your area.
      • - Consider hosting your Feast outdoors or having a picnic style Feast in the park.
      • - Have hand sanitiser available and/or somewhere for your guests to regularly wash their hands.
      • - If you feel unwell, postpone your Feast, seek medical advice and get tested. Equally if a guest is unwell, please ensure they don’t attend
      • - Host an ′iso′ friendly Feast over Zoom where everyone can cook the recipes together online. You can even do this with interstate or international friends!
      • - Alternatively you could deliver the dishes you′ve cooked to your guests as take away and then Feast together virtually on Zoom.

      If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us on

  • Can I host a Feast if I am overseas?
    • Absolutely! When it comes to Feast for Freedom, you are free to hold your Feast wherever works for you. Simply register as a host today.

      Unfortunately we can’t post the Host Kit overseas but we can provide you with online resources to help you host your Feast.

  • What if I’m not available on the 25th to 27th of March? Can I host my Feast on another day?
    • Absolutely. While we encourage our hosts to hold their Feasts during that particular weekend, you are more than welcome to hold it a bit before or after if that works best for you.

      Please note that all Feasts and fundraising need to be completed by 31st May, after which the pages will be closed down.

  • Who will be cooking the feast?
    • As the host, you will be in charge of preparing the Feast. Most hosts will cook themselves, but you can enlist the help of a friend who you know is a fantastic cook if you wish.

      You could also do a pot-luck style Feast where you ask your guests to contribute a dish if you wish.

  • I’m not a great cook, can I still hold a feast?
    • Absolutely! Our cooks have hand-selected dishes that are simple enough for anyone to master and impress their friends with but you can also make adjustments or choose other recipes that you are more comfortable cooking.

      For those hosting their Feast in Melbourne, you can also add an authentic starter, side salad or dessert to your Feast with our award-winning social enterprise ASRC Catering. Use FEAST2021 for 15% off your next order

  • Who should I invite to the feast?
    • Friends, family, coworkers, neighbours, customers - it’s your choice!

  • How to invite your guests to my Feast?
    • You can invite guests in whatever manner is easiest for you. You can set up a Facebook event, or a Whatsapp group, email, text message or old fashioned phone call. For large scale, ticketed or workplace Feasts, you could manage ticketing and RSVPs via Humanitix, EventBrite or TryBooking if you wish. Be sure to include a link to your fundraising page so they can donate online with ease.

      If you are an experienced Host and are looking for the RSVP functionality on your fundraising page, please note this has been removed for 2022 and we encourage you to manage your guest RSVPs via text message, social media, email or a Facebook event instead.

      Your personal Feast for Freedom page will still collect your donations and manage your fundraising. Make sure you share this URL with your guests so they can donate directly to your Feast.

      We've also mocked up some handy invite templates which you can access on our Resources page. You can also download a personalised poster with a unique QR code to your fundraising page which will be useful to display at your Feast to collect those last minute donations. Find out how to access that via our User Guide here

      When asking people to join you, one of the most important things to share with them is why you? chosen to host a Feast, and why this cause and this event are important to you.

  • What will be sent to me?
    • We will send each host a complementary kit with a recipe booklet, a table centrepiece, conversation starter cards to use at your Feast and a few special surprises.

  • Is there somewhere I can go to connect with other hosts?
    • Connect with other hosts via our Facebook Group, or view tantalizing feast photos on Instagram under #FeastForFreedom

  • Can two (or more) people co-host a Feast?
    • Yes you can have a co-host but all communications will be sent to one person so we recommend you register with the details for the co-host who prefers to receive our Feast communications and details of the donations your Feast has received.

The Recipes

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