Below you will find a number of items that you can download and share to help promote your Feast - whether you host at home or at work. You can share these via email, social media, text message or WhatsApp. If you need any advice, contact the Feast team on


Host Guide for the Fundraising Portal

Follow our User guide to update your fundraising page, then share your page and ask friends and family to RSVP and Donate to your Feast right there on your page.

If you just need help with logging in to your portal, editing the copy on your page, updating the images on your page, changing the details of your Feast or reviewing the RSVPs and Donations to your Feast, click the links for our specific User Guides.


Social Media Posts


Share Aheda's passion for Palestinian food
Share Niro's passion for Sri Lankan food

General Promotion

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Workplace Feasts

Feast Menus


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